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Free Trade and Free Speech

June 4, 2012

I’ve often wondered what has possessed the USA and their copyright trolls to work so hard to destroy free speech and the free flow of information. OK, free speech I can understand, it is dangerous to their kind of government, but why the malicious attempts to influence the flow of information in other countries as well?

We all seem to think that Big Media is behind this and, in addition to some bad actors in the software world, that is the source of the problem. I’ve always been suspicious of this view because the “war” seemed bigger than that. Finally someone has shown me a bigger picture that makes sense of it all.

With the decline of commercially viable industrial production in the United States in the mid-1970s, and specifically the successes of Toyota, a number of committees in the US set out to redefine global economy to keep the United States on top of the global economy, regardless of whether it produced anything. Through a series of events, this effort came to be spearheaded by Edmund Pratt, the then-CEO of Pfizer, leading the Advisory Committee on Trade Negotiations.

The effort was to redefine trade through a series of trade agreements portrayed as “free trade”, but factually lopsided the terms to make sure that the United States stayed on top. The idea was that if the United States can’t produce anything of value, perhaps it can rent out drawings and get finished products in return, and portray it as “free trade” to get away with it. Thus, copyright and patent monopolies would be the key to maintaining United States global economic dominance, rather than actually producing anything.

That is from The Game of Acta: Mid-Battle Analysis, Next Actions by Rick Falkvinge. I strongly recommend that you read the rest of it.

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